Prepare a disc of free spyware cleanup tools

Duration: about 1 hour to download the programs and burn them to a CD or DVD

If your computer has a virus or spyware infection you can try to clean it yourself if you have basic computer skills, time, and patience. To prepare this CD or DVD of free spyware cleanup tools you need to know a) how to surf the Internet and b) how to burn a disc on your computer. The disc will come in quite handy next time you are faced with virus/spyware cleanup, especially if the spyware has broken your Internet connection.

This disc is used in our computer self-help guide to basic spyware cleanup It is important that all downloaded programs for this disc be accessed through the official websites listed below. This will help ensure you get a clean copy of the latest version of the software with the most up-to-date virus and spyware detections.

You should use a clean, uninfected computer to make this disc. If you suspect your computer is infected you should use a different computer to download and burn the programs. The free programs we are going to burn to disc are the following ones, roughly listed in order of effectiveness of finding and removing malware.

Download each of these programs to a location of your choice:

Burn all of these programs to disc once all the downloads are complete. Be sure to label the disc along with the date using a permanent marker and you are done!

In the next section of this guide we'll cover using these utilities to clean spyware and malware off your computer.